Lenoid Zikeev

Classical Russian Art

One of Tzfat's most prolific and talented artists was a popular and recognized artist in Russia before moving to Israel in 1991.

Lenoid Zikeev was born and raised in Leningrad, where his talents as a painter were noticed while he was in his early teens. In the Soviet Union of the '50s and '60s, promising young artists were trained extensively in Russia's art institutions, among the finest in the world. Lenoid Zikeev was granted a placement in the prestigious Leningrad Academy of Arts, Faculty of Painting, working in the studio of the Master Professor Serebryany. After studying classical painting with the Professor, Zikeev delved into the study of graphic art, and through time began to periodically introduce graphic art into his classical paintings.

In 1970, Zikeev began to exhibit his works internationally. Through the years, exhibitions worldwide sought out his work, and he participated in exhibitions in many countries, notably in the Scandinavian countries as well as in the United States and Canada. In addition to graphic art, Zikeev also taught himself a number of other mediums of art and has, through the years, worked extensively in etching (steel, zinc, and copper), lithography, linocut, monotype, and water color in the applied arts.

Zikeev's works are groups into categories. Not surprisingly, one of his main categories is "Russia". Zikeev's paintings and etchings of his homeland, some executed in traditional paintings and some in a more modern graphic style, evoke the nature and reminiscences of Old Russia, with paintings of farmhouses, old villages, and landscapes of the wild Russian countryside.

Zikeev has painted his adopted city of Tzfat extensively as well, and over the last eighteen years he has created an impressive collection of oils and watercolors depicting the town. The painting style that Zikeev's utilizes for his Tzfat collection is quite different than his Russian works - the colors of his Tzfat paintings are vibrant and the feeling is positive and upbeat. Yet, his paintings of Tzfat lack the haunting quality of wild beauty that he imbued in his paintings of Russia.

F.M. Dostoevsky

Zikeev's works also include portraits and etchings. However, his fascination with the great Russian author F.M. Dostoevsky has been the catalyst for some of his most personal work. Zikeev was honored in Russia for his paintings of Dostoevsky - the portraits and illustrations of Dostoevsky's home and village which were such a strong influence in his writings. Zikeev's Dostoevsky collection is on permanent exhibition at the Collection Museum F.Dostoevsky S.Petersburg, as well as in his own gallery in Tzfat.

Leonid Zikeev can be contacted at his gallery in Tzfat at [email protected] or 972-54204950.