Doron Cohen Silversmith


Doron was born into a Yemenite family that has been producing hand silverwork for many generations. The family is known throughout the world as producers of fine silverwork, including jewelry and Judaica.

Doron's family includes well-known silverwork artists and artisans who have been creating intricate silverwork -- much of it with Jewish motifs and imagery -- for hundreds of years. Doron Cohen’s father lived and worked in Ramat Gan, just outside of Tel Aviv, where he produced unique silverwork. Growing up, Doron wasn’t interested in the craft, but as a young man he had a dream in which he saw himself working with silver. The following morning Doron asked his father to interpret the dream. Doron's father told Doron that the dream indicated that silverwork would be his future.

Over the course of the following years Doron’s father taught him the rudiments of silversmithery. From that point onward Doron began to work on his own.

Move to Tzfat

Doron lived and worked in Jerusalem for many years. He moved to Safed with his young family in the early years of the 21st century where he began to create Kabbalistic-inspired silverwork. At first he worked in his small home and sold his jewelry there, but as more and more clients became interested in his work he opened a studio/gallery along Tzfat’s Yosef Caro Street in the Old Jewish Quarter.


Doron's work is inspired by the designs that he sees in his imagination. Tzfat plays a role in inspiring his work, he says, becasue the city offers a spiritual dimension to its residents' day-to-day labors. Doron copies popular designs but he also creates one-of-a-kind designs and commissioned works, many of which are based on traditiona Jewish, Yemenite and Kabbalistic themes and imagery.

Items for Sale

Doron crafts a wide range of silverwork but his jewelry, mainly rings and charms, are his most popular items. He works with gold and silver but creates most of his pieces from silver gold items are so costly.  Many of his pieces include inscriptions from Jewish prayers while others have Biblical verses inscribed. He also creates pieces with semi-precious stones such as garnet, topaz and amethysts.

Doron also weaves Hebrew letters together into pieces in which the designs become part of the jewelry. His gallery displays rings, pendants, tailsman pieces, earrings and bracelets. There are complete sets that correspond to themes such as love, friendship and the Magan Avraham -- Seal of Abraham.


In addition to his jewelry Doron creates different types of Judaica. His gallery exhibits mezuzza covers, candlesticks and kiddush cups. He also works on commission, crafting pieces for private collectors that show Jewish-inspired scenes woven into the silverwork.

Studio and Gallery

Doron’s studio-gallery is located on Yosef Caro Street, just a few meters away from the Joseph Caro Synagogue. Visitors can watch him at work. Doron only exhibits his own silverwork, although his gallery also displays  the paintings of artist Binny Shalev. Contact Doron at [email protected] or 052-379-4453.