Liliyane Mendel Gallery Safed

In 2011 Liliyane Mendel immigrated to Israel from Capetown where she had studied, taught and created art for many years. Her growing interest in Torah texts and Jewish traditions inspired her to move to safed and open her gallery of spiritual art in the city's Artist Quarter.


Liliyane Mendel was born in Southwest Africa, the country that is known today as Namibia. Her family moved to South Africa when she was a child. Liliyane studied Art History and Fine Arts as a graduate student at the University of Petoria and the University of South Africa. She worked as the director of a center for art and architecture while teaching art to students at all levels.

Interest in Judaism

Following the passing of her Jewish husband Liliyane began to study Judaism in depth. She was quickly engrossed in the study of Torah and Talmud where she saw a profound depth. She was also fascinated by “gematria” -- numerical meanings of Hebrew letters -- which gave new and rich meanings to Hebrew words, letters and texts.

As time went by Liliyana started to include elements of her Jewish studies in her artwork. She infused her works with a spiritual essence.Liliyane’s studies. combined with her Jewishly-inspired artwork, inspired her to move to Israel. She chose to settle in Tzfat because the city offers an intimate character and numerous opportunities to develop spiritually and artistically.


the Liliyane Mendel gallery exhibits Liliyane's paintings -- images which are related to Torah texts, Hebrew letters and Jewish rituals and traditions. Liliyane draws her inspiration from visual imagery that surrounds her as it expresses Jewish spirituality. She strives to weave a matrix of power, joy, soul and insights into her paintings, drawings and sculptures.

Liliyane's work includes picturgraph murals which are formed by Hebrew letters of a root verb. She comploys the verb to illustrate texts,  illustrations which surround Hebrew letters, interplays of Hebrew letters and words and Biblical scenes that are surrounded by Torah scripts.

Liliyane's gallery is located on Tet Vav Street in Tzfat's Old Jewish Quarter. She can be reached by phone at 050-702-1486 or by email at [email protected].


Liliyana works with a wide range of materials and mediums. Her drawings are produced using pencils, charcoals and pastels. She paints with tempra, oil and watercolor paints and sculpts with clay.H