Safed Learning Programs And Information Centers

While visiting Safed you do not just have to take on the role of a tourist, you can also become a student. Throughout the centuries, many people from around the world have journeyed to Safed in order to engage in the study of Kabbalah, of Judaism, of mysticism and spirituality, and more recently of Israel studies. Check out the many different study options available in Safed and see if Safed holds the right learning environment for you.

Religious Programs

One popular place of study in Safed is Azamra, the "Jewish House" International Center of Jewish Spirituality. You do not need to register with this center in advance. They provide a drop in center so you can decide at the spur of the moment to pop in and explore their study program.

As Safed is world-famously known as the City of Kabbalah, no spiritual exploration would be complete without at least a quick dive into the world of Kabbalah. Contact the International Center for Tzfat Kabbalah, Tzafat's Official Kabbalah Center, for information about Kabbalah courses and seminars. For something a bit off the beaten trail check out Ladders and Tapestries of Tzfat or Kabbalistic Meditation.

Jewish and Israel Learning

If you are looking for a real Israel Experience then check out the Livnot U'Lehibanot program which is based in Safed. Explore the State of Israel, learn about Jewish history and participate in a wide-range of programs from social outreach programs to archeological digs.

If archeology is your thing, then you may want to look into Sinkholes, Tzfat Style. This program is involved in digging through the historical layers of Safed's Old City in order to get a better understanding of the earlier communities who lived there. Also try contacting the Ascent Youth Hostel where you can not only find a place to stay while in Safed but where you can participate in courses on Jewish heritage.  Ascent offers many informal courses on Judaism in a warm and welcoming enviroment.

Also check out some of the many Yeshivas and Seminaries in Safed like Machon Alte Seminary, Yeshiva Shalom Rav Tsfat, Your Eternal Spark, Sharei Bina SeminaryNachal Novea, and Yeshiva Toraht Chaim, and Midrasha Mayim Chaim and see if any are right for you.

A Few Courses

Take a look at our article on In The Quiet Space which tells about a course you can take to help deal with the many pressures of daily life.  Also take a look at our information on Safed's local community college and on a poetry workshop in Safed.

Just Looking For Some Information---Check Out Our Resource Section?

If you just want some basic information about Safed, about where to go and what to do, then contact the Tourist Info Center of Safed. This place will provide you with everything you ever wanted to know about Safed. Also, drop into the English Library of Safed which is home to a treasure trove of English language books. Start up a chat with the librarian Edyth Geiger, without whom the library wouldn't exist, and get some information about Safed from an expert.  Also check out our articles on banks and post offices in Safed, and information sharing lists in the city.