Maureen Greenberg

Maureen Greenberg is one of the many artists painting in Safed today. You can find her working in her studio on Arlozorov Street, near the General Exhibition, or possibly working on a mural somewhere in the city.

Background & Student Days

Maureen grew up in Detroit and Oak Park, Michigan and her mother, Elaine, a talented artist herself, taught her to draw. Her mother was very influential in developing Maureen's interest in art and both her parents encouraged her to follow her heart when Maureen decided to switch from her psychology course at university and instead go to art school.

Maureen studied art at the University of Michigan where she got her BFA in 1969. She then took courses at the Boston Museum School and the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design in lithography. She moved to Hawaii where she exhibited prints in two exhibitions and then still not finding her place, Maureen moved to San Diego before finally making aliya (immigrating to Israel).


After moving to Israel in 1978 she produced lithographs at the Jerusalem Print workshop. She then moved north and continued to make prints at the Ein Hod Artist Colony near Haifa. Taking classes at Tel Chai in drawing and painting helped her develop her style further. Moving to Safed, she met and married the love of her life, Ted Greenberg, whose portrait appears in many of her paintings.


Maureen's interest in murals came about after members of the main Ethiopian aliya arrived in Safed. Living close to the Ethiopian Absorption Center, she got to know the community. Working with artist Steve Shankerman and students of Livnot b'Livnot, Maureen was able to help the Ethiopians record the history of their Great Trek to Israel on the mural opposite the Center. Incorporated in the mural are portraits of the immigrants who survived the Trek. Other murals inside the Absorption Center recall life in Ethiopia.

Maureen has painted various murals around Safed including in a children's nursery in Ganei Hadar and she was commissioned to brighten up the walls of Zieff Hospital with murals including one for the dining room.

Inspiration:-The Seven Beggars and The Master of Prayer

About 20 years ago when Maureen was going through various medical treatments, her husband bought her a copy of Rabbi Nachman of Breslav's stories in Hebrew to read. She found that two stories in particular spoke to her, The Seven Beggars and The Master of Prayer. She began using these stories as the themes for her paintings. She finds that as she paints, the stories, no matter what is happening in her life, are reflected in her work. These stories are her main source of inspiration for both her life and her work.


Her interest in Rabbi Nachman also developed her interest in psychology, and she uses this in her teaching. As well as private classes, Maureen has taught drawing and painting for the Akim organization for over 14 years. Two of her students with learning difficulties have produced nationally recognized work; one winning a competition for a national stamp and the other producing the first poster representing the Akim organization. She has also worked as an assistant to the visiting art therapist from the NIMH at the local mental hospital.

Classes and Commissions

Maureen runs individual and group classes in her studio all year round for anyone who wants to learn to draw, paint or improve their technique.

Her work is available for sale and she accepts commissions for portraits or murals.

Contact: Maureen Greenberg at the studio or tel: 04 697 4831