Places To Eat

Touring Safed and discovering the many back alleyways, ancient ruins and synagogues, or strolling through the artist galleries and museums can really work up an appetite. To help you easily satisfy your craving we have put together a list of cafes and restaurants in Safed that will please every taste and budget. Botei Avon! (Good Eating!)

Dairy Restaurants

The newest restaurant in Tsfat is the mehadrin Cafe Beit Yosef with its all-day breakfast in a lovely courtyard setting.

One of the most well-known food characters in all of Safed is Mr. Lachuch, the Yemenite pancake man of the Old City. Thousands upon thousands of visitors have stumbled across the pancake man on their visits to Safed and enjoying this simple Yemenite delight is a true Safed experience not to be missed.

If you are looking for a more traditional café where you can take a seat and relax for a while then check out the Art Café, the Bagdad Café, Simons, 7 Grains Bakery, Maximillian or Milano's. Take a look at our articles describing what each café has to offer and see if there are any items that just might tempt your taste buds.

Great options for families traveling with children or for anyone traveling on a strict budget are M Bagel or Pizza or Falafel California. Enjoy some comfort food while you take a break from your tour.

Non-Dairy Restaurants

Just next to the General Exhibition Gallery in Safed is a well-known meat restaurant named The Mountain View Restaurant. Sit down to a good, hearty meal and say goodbye to the nagging hunger of a traveler.  Also check out the Snitzelria

Sushi madness that has swamped the globe has even taken a hold in the mystical city of Safed. Now you'll always be able to get your sushi fix on the main street, the midrechov.