Grill Bar

Opened in the summer of 2010, the Grill Bar meat restaurant is a welcome addition to the Kikar HaMaganim in the Old City. Operating in a store previously used for jewelry, Yosef Pe'er, the owner, has completely changed the small space. With artist Elinor Kaysar's amazingly lifelike mural, you feel like you are walking into the alleyways around the Mayan HaRadum when you go into the Grill Bar.

Yosef, originally from Tiberius, ran cafes and restaurants all over the north, before being drawn to open his Grill Bar in the heart of the Old City. He wanted to connect his soul to his calling of providing people with good food and the location of his café-restaurant, so he chose the holy city of Safed.

The Menu: Meat

Although the menu is fairly standard fare, falafel (14shk) shwarma (25-40shks), shish kebabs (25-45shks) chicken sticks (28 -45shks) and so on, everything is made fresh on the spot 'al ha aish' (on the grill). The stir-fry chicken (35shks) adds variety and gives Yosef a chance to show his cooking abilities and the beef steak (90shks) shows off his skill with the grill. He also offers omelets with a choice of fillings and he certainly knows how to make fries (15shks). Popular with locals and tourists alike, you can choose to have your meal in a pita, a baguette or served on a plate with salad. The Israeli breakfast is also good, but as this is a meat restaurant don't expect a cheese side platter or milk in your morning tea or coffee! Why not do what the locals do and have herbal tea or Turkish coffee instead. For diehards he does offer soya milk. In cold weather, for a real winter warmer, why not try a bowl of his delicious daily soup offering at only 10shks! It must be one of the best bargains in Safed!


In summer it is very pleasant to sit at the tables outside in the kikar (square), and people watch. Yosef has room for about 20 customers at any one time but even so, he still manages fast service. With his pleasant manner and ability with languages, he speaks Arabic, English, French, German and Spanish and his native Hebrew, he can communicate easily with almost everyone.

During the winter, you can still sit outside if the weather is warm enough, otherwise there is some seating inside, enough for four, but it can be a bit of a snug fit. Of course, you can always get take choose to order take out and bring food back to your zimmer or hostel if you prefer.


Grill Bar offers a choice of cold beers: - Carlsberg, Goldstar or Heineken and a wide selection of canned soft drinks, juices and cola. Hot drinks are also available.


Winter: 9am - 10pm
Summer: 9am - late

Kashrut: Mehadrin Safed. All Meat is either Rav Landau or Edit Haredit B'datz.

Contact Info

To order take out or to make enquiries about catering

Tel 077 439 0395 or 054 948 9404