Enjoy Northern Israel On Foot

One great way to enjoy northern Israel is to do so on foot. Israel has an amazing array of fantastic hikes that are geared towards hikers of all ages and experience levels. The trails are very well marked and the hikes are invigorating, interesting and challenging.

The Israel Trail

The Israel National Trail (INT) is 1000 kilometers long and weaves its way from the northern border with Lebanon to the Red Sea. It goes through the Sea of Galilee, Nazareth, Haifa, Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and the Negev (the desert) and consists of well-marked trails with incredible scenery and historic places of interest. You can decide to enjoy the entire breath of the trail, experiencing villages, towns, the desert, the sea and everything in between. It's also possible to simply enjoy a bit of the Israel National Trail, following the trail for a day or an afternoon just to get a glimpse of its impact. You can find out more about the Israel National Trail at 972-3-6388719 or 972-3-6388720.

Sea to Sea Hike

Another great hike that usually only takes three days it the sea to sea hike. This hike begins on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea north of Haifa and hikes west to east. The trails take you from the sea and surrounding areas, to the hilly terrain of the Galil, through Mount Meron, to the Sea of Galilee. This is a very popular hike in Israel and one that you can do with a guide and a tour group, or simply with your family and friends.

The Peaks of Arbel

Right outside of Tiberias, there is a simple but interesting climb that is in the peaks of Arbel. It's about 10 minutes from Tiberias and from the hike you can look down on the Sea of Galilee (the Kinneret). To get there, you go to the village of Arbel and head west through the village. You'll see a place that the path goes to the left, and this will take you to the Israel Trail with the blue and orange bands crossed over a white background. Much of this hike involves steep descents. There are cables along the cliffs to help you with the descent. At the end, you'll reach the Caves of Arbel. These caves are very historically significant, as they were the location where the followers of Judah Maccabee got ready to attack the Greek army marching south. They were also the place that another revolt started during Herod the Great's time. Inside these caves there are ritual baths used by Jews during the Roman conquest. From the caves, you can either ascend up the mountain on the black path or turn left down the mountain to the Israel Trail markers and towards the Bedouin village of Wadi Hamman. The entire hike takes about 1.5 to 2 hours.

Many Other Ideas

Israel is full of amazing hiking opportunities. You can find great hikes in a number of ways. There are many guide books that highlight hikes throughout Israel, with a particular emphasis in the North. You can also speak to a tour guide and ask for suggestions or for a tour of a few of the best hikes in the North. When you get to Safed or Tiberias, you can also inquire at your hotel or campground about great hikes. A number of great hikes to pay attention to include: Nahal Hazori, Nahal El Al, and Upper Nahal Zavitan in the Golan. You might also enjoy Yiftah Canyon to Goma Junction, Keshet to Sharach, and Mount Meron in the Upper Galilee. In the Western Galilee there is Montfort Castle and Yodfat to Tamra. These are but a few of the many, many hikes that can enhance a visit to the north of Israel and that can help you to truly see and feel the land in the best way possible - with your feet!