Nearby Tzfat, a wonderful attraction is available for a day of family fun.

Activities for All Ages

The Bat Ya'ar Ranch is located 15 minutes outside of Tzfat, near the gravesite of Rabbi Yehonatan Ben Uziel, at the edge of the Biriya forest. Groups and families come to Bat Ya'ar because the ranch offers a wide variety of options so that groups or families with members of varied ages have a selection of activities available that can appeal to all ages.

One of the foremost attractions of Bat Ya'ar is the Dude Ranch, where visitors can enjoy horseback riding. There are horses and trails that are appropriate for beginners as well as for more advanced riders. The horses are gentle, and there is even a pony-area for younger children.

Jeep tours of the area are offered by Bat Ya'ar. Groups or individuals drive through the forests and valleys of the north in jeeps, enjoying the nature and scenic views and learning about the animals and plant life of Israel's North.

A popular activity for children and teens is the Bat Ya'ar Challenge Park. The Rope Challenge offers participants an eight-rope bridge, strung through the trees. The climbers are securely buckled into a safety rope and have freedom to climb, swing, and attempt whatever movements they wish while making their way through the course.

Activities for the Youngest Visitors

Many families arrive with young children, and for them as well there are a number of activities which can amuse and occupy the younger members of the group. A petting zoo with small animals, creative arts and crafts workshops, pita-baking and a large safe playground all give the youngest participants in a group plenty of activities to occupy them for hours.

At the end of the day, the whole group can meet up at the Bat Ya'ar bowling alley. Bat Ya'ar has the only outdoor bowling alley in Israel, with two alleys and solid wooden bowls. Families, groups and individuals enjoy bowling together under the trees of the Bat Ya'ar forest, and in the evenings, under the stars of the Northern Israel

Finally, for those who reserve ahead of time, a Bat Ya'ar visit can end at their renowned Steak House, with grilled meats and vegetables served with a wide variety of salads either in the restaurant or outside in the midst of the woods.

Bat Ya'ar can be contacted at [email protected] or (04)6822268