Supermarket Shopping

It's always useful to know where to find a supermarket when you visit a town so here is a little about the main stores in central Safed. There are also other supermarkets and "makolets" (mini markets) in the various neighborhoods.


Rav Chesed and Shefa Tov are the most central supermarkets for tourists staying in the Old City and Artists Quarter. They are locally owned by the Asulin family.

They offer some store brand products like grape juice, and a wide selection of products with mehadrin hechshers. They also carry a range of Judaica items like tzitzits for the religious customer. They are friendly family run stores and go out of their way to help customers. However, because of their smaller size, they don't have the wider choice of national supermarket chains. There is no parking nearby but both supermarkets offer a delivery service.

Hours: normally from 8am to 8pm Sunday to Wednesday. Late night opening on Thursdays during the summer, and Fridays open till 2pm

Closed during Chol Moed except Erev Chag (the evening of a holiday)

Rav Chesed: 13, Jerusalem Street - Tel 04 699 9941

Shefa Tov: 4, Aliyah Bet - Tel 04 692 1648


Supersol Big

Supersol Big is part of the Shufersal national chain. They offer a wide variety of products including American brands. They have a fresh meat counter, a delicatessen, a cheese counter, and an in-house bakery. The fresh fruit and vegetable section offers some exotic items while the chill cabinets hold a huge selection of dairy products. The freezer compartments offer everything from Chinese and Indian ready made meals, to frozen meat and chicken.

They also sell branded household items; kitchen products such as crockery; and a variety of electric goods including heaters and televisions. The supermarket has its own security staff, offers a delivery service and there is a large car park.

6, Weitzman Street, next door to the government offices. Tel 04 682 2099

Hours: Sunday to Thursday 8am to 10.00pm

Friday: 06.30am to 3.00pm


Shefa Shuk

Located just below and to the left of the coffee factory, Shefa Shuk is another national chain supermarket. It offers a wide selection of store brand products, a good selection of fresh fruit and vegetables and has a deli counter. The fresh meat counter is especially busy on Thursdays and Fridays. The many frozen food cabinets offer everything from fish and meat to pizza and pastries with the dairy chill cabinet taking up the whole of the back wall of the store. A small in-house bakery offers cakes and pastries as well as fresh bread. The supermarket also sells a variety of household goods according to season, as well as some clothes and toys. There is an in-store ATM.

There is a delivery service as well as a discount on a taxi service.

Old Industrial Section Tel: 04 692 1858

Hours: Sunday to Tuesday 8.00am to 8.30pm, Wednesday, Thursday 8.00am to 9.00pm, Fridays 07.30am to 2.30pm


Bar Kol

The newest supermarket in Safed, the Bar Kol supermarket is conveniently located in a brand new building near the Ma'or Haim neighborhood and will soon be accessible by a footpath from Keren Hayesod Street. The supermarket has a large fresh fruit and vegetable section, some American brand names and fresh meat and fish counters. Bar Kol aims to offer good prices and appeal to a "frum" clientele.

There is a bathroom on the premises and the supermarket also has an ATM machine and a delivery service.

Sahal 13, Tel 04 682 6315.

Hours: Sunday & Monday 7.00am - 9.00pm; Tuesday and Wednesday 07.00am -10.00pm; Thursday 7.00am-11.00pm; Friday 7.00am - 1.30pm