Mercazi Hotel

A Rich History

Few hotels throughout the world can claim the sort of deep historical roots to its location that the Mercazi (Central) Hotel can point to in Tzfat.

The Mercazi Hotel sits on Jerusalem Street, in the heart of the main commercial area of Tzfat. When the Maybar family, immigrants from Poland, purchased the building in 1920, it was a virtual "no man's land" which sat in a precarious spot on the edge of the Jewish Quarter, close to the Arab quarter. Throughout the '20s and '30s, it served as a merchants' station where Jewish merchants who were traveling in the Middle East could meet and conduct business. It also allowed the Jews to hold a strategic position in Tzfat that allowed them to observe the Arab quarter, and often, to prepare for Arab hostilities.

The foresight in preparing this building as a lookout and defense position for the Jewish community bore fruit when the Jews were able to use the position to defend themselves during the Arab riots of 1936, which rocked Palestine. During subsequent skirmishes, and again during the 1948 War of Independence, this strategic building on Jerusalem Street played a tremendous role in allowing the Jews to capture the strategic high points on Tzfat's Citadel, and to go on to win the war.

The building also served as a first-aid station for wounded Jewish fighters and civilians who were tended to in the building until they could safely be evacuated.

The Central Hotel

Following the war, the Maybars turned their building into one of Tzfat's largest and most popular hotels. It's location has made it, for decades, a favorite vacation spot for Israeli and foreign tourists, who enjoy the location in the heart of Tzfat.

The Mercazi Hotel has 39 air-conditioned rooms, which make it an attractive venue for groups, as well as for individual families and visitors. The rooms are clean and light, and offer visitors an attractive option for moderate prices. The rooms are double-occupancy, and breakfast is included on weekdays.

The Mercazi is an attractive option for many visitors because of its dining room. Groups can rent out the dining room, and catering is done right at the hotel, making it an easy way to visit Tzfat on Shabbat or holidays, when all other restaurants are closed.

Reservations and inquiries may be made at 04-697-2666