Safed is the place to be during Chanukah


The weather is generally still mild and the city is hopping with activities. Come to Safed for a few hours or a few days and enjoy the unique atmosphere of a Tzfat Chanukah.

*     One of the highlights of Chanukah in Safed involves the Chanukah Candles Tours that are offered each night (except Shabbat). Both Shvil HaLev/Path of the Heart and the International Center of Tzfat Kabbalah offer tours each evening for visitors to hear the stories of mystics and miracles and see the various traditions of Chanukah candle-lighting throughout the Old Jewish Quarter of Safed.

Chanukah at Ascent of Tzfat * Chanukah Parties Drinks, Live Music & Art. Come for 1 night, a few days or the whole week.

*      Musical Carlebach Hallel House of Love and Prayer -- Carlebach Style Hallel every morning of Chanukah. Bring your instruments. 8:00 Shacharit 9:00 Hallel. Inside the 1st floor of the Jerusalem Mall above the Maccabi health fund (Bank HaPoalim building -- the bank is on the 5th floor).  Chanukah party 4:30p.m. second night of Chanukah. Donations appreciated from all -- $15 donation requested for non-community members

*     Musical service at Beirav synagogue on 2nd day of Chanukah, Thursday Dec 18. Begins at 7:30a.m. Bar Mitzva

*     Walking tour of the Old Jewish Quarter. Take your own tour or open a virtual self-guided tour on your smartphone (if you don't have a smartphone, you can watch the video tour before you set out on your walk).

Monday Dec 15 2014

Arik Einstein and other musicians remembered at Beit Yigal Alon. 8:00p.m.  30 shekels

Tuesday Dec 16 2014

4:30p.m.  Chanukah party at the Old Age Home with soldiers from the Northern Command base

5:30 p.m. Story hour, songs and dancing at Bloom Ctr library. 10 shekels

8:00p.m. Shalom Asiag Performance Center App at Beit Yigal Alon, sponsored by Michlala College Student Assoc, 50 shekels (student discount)

10:30  Open Mic Night at Michael's Cafe. Free entrance

Wednesday Dec 17 2014

3:30p.m. Children's Happening in Ofer neighborhood. Free entrance. Sponsored by Mercaz Torani

4:30p.m. Carlebach Chanukah party at the House of Love and Prayer, 1st floor above Maccabi in the Jerusalem Mall Building. $15 donation 

requested for non-community members

6:30p.m. Parade of Lights.  Setting out from Supersol (Darom). Sponsored by Chabad. Free

7:00p.m. Children's performance "Tuvia and Matti." Beit Yigal Alon. 60 shekels/family (up to 5 people)

8:00 p.m.  Chanukah party "Jewish Pride". Sponsored by Beit HaMidrash of the Michlala College. Class 208 in the colllege. Candle lighting, stories of heroism by Meir HaMeiri, veteran Tzfat resident. Separate dancing. Free entrance

8:00 p.m. Evening of music, art and Torah at the Souza-Kohn Gallery, 52 Bar Yochai Street, Tzfat. 20 shekels entrance. Call 050-721-6525 to reserve.

Thursday December 18 2014

Chanukah party for youth at "Moadon Ha martef" in the Sector (Canaan) community center. Donut-making, led by chef Lardo. Free

5:00pm.   Torch Run. Leaving from the Saraya and running towards the Midrachov. Sponsored by Pisga Youth Association. Central candle-

Performance of Shai Ben Tzur and Liat Saba at the Khan of the White Donkey. Entrance fee. 077-2345719

10:00p.m. Performance of dancer Esther Kahir Bal at Cafe Michael. Entrance Fee.

Saturday night Dec 20 2014

Musical havdallah at the House of Love and Prayer, followed by musical candle-lighting.

Sunday December 21 2014

11:00a.m. Art activities for elementary-aged children at the Arazim (Ramat Razim) community center. 20 shekels

Youth party at Arazim Community center. Games, tournaments and donut-making workshops with chef Lardo. Free

6:00p.m.  Parade of Light. Sponsored by Chabad. Leaving from Saraya parking lot.

Monday, December 22 2014

11:00a.m.  Children's performance "Chanukiya of Moshan"  Beit Yigal Alon. sponsored by city library. 30 shekels

11:30a.m.  Art and Creative activities at Bloom (Darom) community center. Sponsored by Chabad. 5 shekels per workshop

Tuesday December 23 2014         

11:00a.m.  Story hour "Sweet Donut." Songs, dancing and donuts for young children. Arazim (Ramat Razim) community center. Sponsored by

city library.  20 shekels

Story hour  "The Lion's Light" plus songs, dancing, art activities and donuts at the Bloom Library. 15 shekels

Chanukah party for youth at the "Upside Down" center. Drum circle

Wednesday December 24 2014  

5:00p.m.    "Songs from the Junk Yard" at the Wolfson/Saraya. Workshop for building musical instruments and musical performance. Free

8:15 p.m.   Performance by the "Gat Brothers" at Beit Yigal Alon. Sponsored by the Orot HaAri Yeshiva and the Torani Center of Tzfat.

50 shekels (35 shekels early purchase/30 shekels for holders of "Tzeiri Tzfat" cards)

Thursday December 25 2014      

10:30 pm.   Open mic night at Cafe Michael. Free entrance

Other Fun Chanukah Ideas

*     Warm up in any of the local cafes or restaurants and light candles with other patrons while you enjoy some genuine Tzfat cuisine.

*     Stay overnight or even for a few nights at any of the local hotels or B&Bs. There are guestrooms to fit any budget or family size.

*     Otzar HaStam

*     HaMeiri Museum

*     Cheese-making in Tzfat -- HaMeiri Cheeses and Kadosh Cheeses

*     Candle Factory

*     Art Galleries

*     Local Pool

*     Check out nearby sites:

          -  tomb of Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai at Meron (bus 361 from the Central Bus Station leaves every 1/2 hour and passes Meron on its way to Haifa)

          -  Hula Nature Reserve (bus 511 -- 1-559-599-599)from the Central Bus Station passes by the Hula Nature Reserve on its way to Kiryat Shmoneh)

          -  Tiberias (bus 450 from the Central Bus Station goes directly to Tiberias)

          -  Rosh Pinna (bus 511 (1-599-559-559)passes through Rosh Pinna on its way to Kiryat Shmoneh)

          -  Ice-skating in Ma'alot (bus 367 (1-599-559-559) from the Central Bus Station)

          -  Canada Center (swimming and ice-skating) in Metulla (bus 511 1-599-559-559 )to Kiryat Shmoneh and then a cab to Metulla

          -  Talmudic Village, Golan Winery in Katzrin (bus 511 1-599-559-559)to Hatzor HaGlilit and then bus 53 to Katzrin

          -  Nahariya, a seaside town about an hour west of Safed. Bus 367 (1-599-559-559) travels directly there and back a few times daily. Free beach.

          -  Local hikes which start from Safed include Biriya hike, Nahal Amud hike, Nahal Rosh Pinna hike